Social Media Agency

We boost Facebook fan pages with advanced tools and connect them with advertisers (brands) to develop a new business model.
We provide a win-win solution for
Facebook celebrities and advertisers (brands).

“Extremely Enhanced,

The Perfect Match And The Win-Win Solution”

Future technology

Our powerful “AI fanpage assistant tool” Aphrodite can provide Facebook celebrities the plugin functions that people don’t usually get. We’re offering you an exciting tool for Facebook marketing to help you build reputation and a long term relationship with your fans effortlessly.

Facebook marketing

Facebook marketing includes advertising, data analysis and creativities. It helps locating what Facebook users like the most and assists Facebook celebrities grow efficiently within a short amount of time, so that advertisers and brands would spot their want to work with them.

Social media agency

We are a team of guaranteed creative and diverse expertise. We help Facebook celebrities stay ahead of the latest social media trends and at the same time closely monitor the performance of the fan page through an integrated analytic approach. We help them grow their followings and maximize the social impact.

Image building

We believe every Facebook celebrity has their own characteristics. What we do is to polish and enhance the image that suits them best and promote the interaction between different Facebook influencers in order to craft the most engaging contents that their fans like.

Cooperation matching(fee-splitting)

We not only help FaceBook celebrities to find the most suitable advertisers but also open a door to Myanmar’s market for international brands. By connecting them, we aim to maximize mutual benefits and finally result in a win-win situation.

Why leAD

“We Have A Vision In Internet Revolution And Digital Martket In Myanmar.”

leAD insight is a subsidiary company of the global consultant corporation “Leadbest Consulting Group”, with members from various Asian countries. We have strong experiences in social media marketing and technology development.


Our team won the champion of 2013 Facebook Ads API Hackathon Competition in Singapore. We’ve seen the great potential in digital marketing in Myanmar, therefore we’re excited to bring our professional experiences here and to make a difference.

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