TOP 50

Myanmar KOL Leaderboard

In order to understand Myanmar Influencers, we’ve listed the “Top 50 KOL Leaderboard” based on their performances and activities on social media. This tool helps agencies find more suitable KOL partners for their clients, and also increases content creators’ understanding to the growth of their brand.

* KOL= Key Opinion Leader

Three Features Of Business Value Ranking

1Focus on lifetime and 3 months performance.

2Base on the open data from facebook.

3Use the numbers of Likes, Videos and Views to be the index.

1. Focus on lifetime and 3 months performance

Not only focusing on the amount of LIKES, we’ve also tracked the all time video quantity and views from creators’ fanpage. In addition, we also focus on the data just in the past three months(8-10) to measure the creativity of KOLs in a season.

We believe that such statistics will help agencies find suitable KOL partners, and also help creators understand their status in the KOL market, and optimize their strategies for personal brand development.

2. Base on the open data from facebook

We use the web crawler to collect data from FB. So that we can measure the performance of KOL with latest data and objective ways.

3. Use the numbers of Likes, Videos and Views to be the index

Not just focus on the Likes or Followers, we also include the video views and quantity to rank a KOL from comprehensive and diverse dimension.

Ranking Methods

Based on online surveys and Snowball sampling methods, we have assembled a total of 100 Myanmar’s currently popular KOL(VLOG, Blogger, and so on)fanpages, including makeup, food, travel, VLOG, e-sports, and technology.

The data range from the time when the fanpage was founded to now.

Ranking Index

Based on the opinions of agencies and the KOL marketing experts in Asia, we constructed 6 influencer ranking indicators from 5 dimensions, and gave different weighted according to the business value.

Through the crawler technology, artificial intelligence, and big data analysis, the system scores 100 KOLs, and the previous 50 are regarded as a meaningful ranking.

Internet voice

Page Likes:15%


Creative force

Lifetime video Quantity:15%

Lifetime average video views:15%

Go viral

Go viral Index:20%

Go viral Index:20%