1.Focus On Business Value
The core key of this ranking is the business value of KOLs. Not only focusing on the amount of LIKES, we’ve also tracked the all time video quantity and views from creators’ fanpage. In addition, we also focus on the data just in the past three months(8-10)  to measure the creativity of KOLs in a season.
We believe that such statistics will help agencies find suitable KOL partners, and also help creators understand their status in the KOL market, and optimize their strategies for personal brand development.
2.Creativity Over Three Months
The performance in the past three months is accounted for a high proportion in this ranking.
Afterall, powerful KOLs need stable creativity to achieve the goal from their clients.
3.Business Friendly Information
This Ranking specially takes account of the "business-friendly information" from each influencer, such as whether there is a mobile phone number for business cooperation on the fanpage, if there is an official website, or whether there is a video playlist to guiding the users, fans and marketers.
It is worth mentioning that we also include "the amount of administrator" into the ranking index, because professional KOLs require the support of the team. In our experience, influencers who can communicate instantly and respond efficiently to clients are the ideal partners for cooperation.

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